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    2 hours NCCAOM, ABORM and CAB Category 1 approved; NCCAOM provider number: 9192; CAB provider number: 1704

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    This course is an excellent primer for the ABORM exam.

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Course description

One in eight couples is estimated to be infertile in the US. We can use acupuncture to support them in their family-building journey. This course applies the diagnostic and assessment skills learned from the previous “Focus on Menstruation” and “Focus on Sperm” courses. Here is where we start to put it all together. Learn how to set expectations, develop a treatment plan, modify treatment plans based on each partner, time of the menstrual cycle, and when to refer for further assessment. At the end of this course, you will be able to safely and effectively support couples trying to conceive with timed intercourse.

Course curriculum

    1. Housekeeping & Terms of course

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    3. Overview and Learning objectives

    1. Course worksheet -- required by NCCAOM

    1. Acupuncture for fertility Timed Intercourse Handout 1

    2. Acupuncture for fertility Timed Intercourse Course Handout 2

    1. Background 1

    2. Background 2

    1. Therapeutics 1

    2. Therapeutics 2

    3. Therapeutics 3

    4. Therapeutics 4

    5. Therapeutics 5

    1. Gina part 1

    2. Gina part 2

    3. Mac and Molly

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Lee Hullender Rubin

An expert in reproductive medicine, Dr. Lee Hullender Rubin, DA[o]M, MS, LAc, Dipl. [o]M, FABORM, is an award-winning acupuncturist, researcher, and academic. She merges her extensive experience working in hospital, IVF clinic, and private practice settings with her acupuncture and East Asian Medicine knowledge and clinical research results. NCCAOM Provider #9192; CAB Provider #1704; & ABORM Provider.

Become a fertility acupuncturist!

Help those trying to conceive with timed intercourse and acupuncture.